08Jun 17

BLOOM is the world’s first plant-based performance-driven foam formulated with algae biomass. Their Algae is a renewable feedstock, sourced from lakes and ponds at high risk of algal bloom, and reduces the dependence on petroleum, a non-renewable resource.

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Boom can be one of those next generation material companies build on the principles of Biofabrication halping consumer products to become more sustainable by using materials which are based on circular economy. 

The technology has been introduced in the the Vivobarefoot x Bloom running shoes, which are the first to be made entirely of algae-EVA foam. That is an alternative to the petroleum based foams used in almost every other running shoe on the market.




Tomas Vucurevic

Owner / Managing director

Tomas Vucurevic, one of the leading global experts for Ingredient Branding, is the founder and Managing Director of BRAIND®. For almost a decade Tomas has been the Global Brand Manager of one of the world’s most famous Ingredient Brand: the GORE-TEX® brand. In addition Tomas was responsible for the brand portfolio of W.L. Gore’s Fabrics Division including the Ingredient Brands WINDSTOPPER® and CROSSTECH®; the consumer brands GORE BIKE WEAR™ and GORE RUNNING WEAR™. During this time he was a founding member of  Gores Enterprise Brand Steering Committee.


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